Why FLUIDS are IMPORTANT in a Drilling, Completion, and Work-over Operations?

It is commonly acknowledged that in every drilling operation there are only two substances going into the wellbore: a metal and a liquid substance, but it is the liquid substance that goes into formation. Once the liquid substance enters the formation, it would either minimizes damage or cause severe damage on formation as the condition of a drilled formation is largely affected by the fluid.

MBW Fluids offers a vast fluids skill to Oil Companies to benefit from more than forty years of fluids experiences covering expertise from being a drilling fluids provider to a Fluids Consultant for Oil Companies. Combination of experiences from both perspectives will professionally assist Drilling Team of your Oil Company on all fluids requirements.



The success of your drilling operation begins with an effective and efficient tender evaluation. Let us assist you in reviewing/evaluating technical requirements during tender evaluation to ensure a successful drilling operation.



An effective and safe drilling operation requires thorough technical preparations. From ensuring products compatibility to managing waste disposal, we strive to helping oil companies manage their resources better.



Education is crucial to a sustainable working environment. We provide customised Drilling Fluids training programs to Drilling and Subsurface engineers interested in learning the fluids technology.