Benefits & Values

The success of your drilling operation is our utmost priority and

we work hard to provide fluid services made to fulfill your needs.

Minimize Formation Damage

The damage is minimized by formulating fluid system and utilizing the correct drilling fluid products.

Managing Fluids Requirement

In order to achieve cost-effective use of your fluids system, we aim to optimize your products usage in the field.

Custom-Built Training Programs

Our training programs are built from scratch to meet your needs, using actual examples from your operations.

Our Services

  1. Design draft of technical requirement in tender documents.
  2. Review and evaluate scope of technical requirements during tender evaluation:
    • Drilling fluids program
    • Drilling fluids formulation
    • Supporting documents to support QA/QC of product
    • Support facilities: warehouse, yard, lab, testing equipment, etc.
  3. Assessing drilling Fluids engineer performance and capabilities.
  1. Ensure correct drilling fluid design based on lithology of formations to be drilled.
  2. Ensure products compatibility in the design formulation.
  3. Supervise handling and treatment during Drilling and Completion/Work-over operations.
  4. Supervise products daily usage to ensure cost-effective treatment.
  5. Ensure QA/QC of products to meet or exceed API standard specifications, ISO specification and accepted International Standard specifications.
  6. Setting up mitigation plan to prevent or minimize wellbore and/or fluid-related problem.
  7. Ensure correct product application to solve or mitigate specific mud-related problems:
    • Stuck pipe
    • Loss of circulation
    • Hydratable shale
    • Wellbore strengthening
    • Sealing of micro fractures
    • H2S, CO2 gasses
    • Corrosion, etc.
  8. Supervise waste disposal according to government regulations.
  9. Managing chemical hazards.
  1. Training topic will be determined by client.
  2. Training materials will utilize examples referring to client’s actual data (e.g., actual lithology of formation to be drilled, well profile, XRD data, etc.)
  3. Training can be conducted in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
Mud School Topics
  1. Drilling Fluid Systems
  2. Understanding Drilling Fluid Products.
  3. Understanding Drilling Fluid Properties.
  4. Clay Chemistry
  5. Solids Management
  6. Hole Problems and Mitigation Plan.
  7. Formation Damage.
  8. Lithological-MUD related
  9. HSE-MUD related
  10. Hydraulics and Rheology
  11. Completion, Work-Over and Packer Fluids.